14 years.
35 people.

SOUNDESIGN is a full-service audio production company started in 1997. We work with multinational and local advertising agencies, NGOs and big business, production houses and advertisers, and all colors of the political spectrum.

We have sound designers, engineers, composers, soundtrack producers, arrangers, voice casters who work in collaboration across musical genres and audio applications. Sharing ideas. Inspire one another. Doing Great work.

Right Mix.

The right mix of talents, skills, and experience

Alex Raul B. Blay
President & General Manager
Managing Director

Poe Francisco-Blay
Vice-President, Finance
Managing Director

Jasper B. Perez
Vice-President, Production
Managing Director
Music Composer

Paolo S. Escanillas
Production Head
Sound Engineer

Kahlil Refuerzo
Music Composer

Zed Maghirang
Production Services Head

Full service.

We are in 10 units covering 576.24 square meters space designed for work and happy collaboration.

Our audio production studio is equipped with the latest ProTools digital facilities as well as the essentials you’d expect to find in a professional recording facility. We have an extensive digital library of sound effects that we’ve designed, recorded and collected over many years.

Full on.

Our range of equipment and facilities include:

  • 7 Audio Posting and Sound-for-Picture Studios equipped with ProTools HD
  • 4 Music Composing Studios running on Core Duo 2 using SONAR with Reason and VSTi soft synths
  • Voice Casting Studio
  • Extensive Sound and Music Library with over 20,000 tracks of music and sound design elements.